Hello world!

Welcome to The Epistles of Harry. I would be … Harry.

I like to write and often dreamed of being published. Along comes the Internet and all the middle man stuff is removed. Not sure what will become of this. My idea now is to put up a post or so a week. Then once a month or so put up a short story.

Some of my interests may end up as the topic for a Blog post. Interests include Ham Radio, Freemasonry, Reading, and my own perhaps slightly askew version of Spirituality.

If you want to encourage more posts, positive comments are welcome. Cash is good also. Negative comments will result in your being removed from my prayer list.



2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Cricket Says:

    Enjoyed your writing, waiting for more !!!

  2. Susan Gregory Says:

    Harry, where have I been since 1/30?? I knew you talked about this but just now happened onto it!! I’m starting at the beginning, on a ‘reading marathon’!!! Can’t wait…

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