What is Freemasonry?

I plan to do freemasonry themed posts on here from time to time. Most of the people who follow this blog are not freemasons and may not know much about it. In addition, since freemasons enjoy acting mysterious, there is much confusion and many wild rumors floating around about the fraternity. So I thought the first post should give some good solid information about “the craft.” I came across a free ebook that is a good starting point. It’s only 46 pages long so reading it won’t be a major time commitment. I encourage you to comment and ask questions. This will give me the opportunity to practice acting mysterious… should I ever want to do that.



4 Responses to “What is Freemasonry?”

  1. kb7uxe Says:

    gee thank Harry, this answered questions I didn’t know I had!

  2. Lucinda Sage-Midgorden Says:

    I tried to go to the link but couldn’t. So tell me, why and how did freemasonry get started?

    • the epistles of harry Says:

      If anyone else is having trouble with the link please leave a comment….

      There are a lot of opinions about the origins of freemasonry, even among freemasons, maybe especially among freemasons. One of the accepted and highly likely theories is that it came from the stonemason guilds of the middle ages when the cathedrials(sp) were being built during the middle ages. when most of the population never traveled more than walking distance from home, stonemasons had to travel 100s of miles to seek employment. When they got there non of the locals could vouch for them often the fellow “union” shop didn’t know them either. So the developed handshakes signs and recognition routines that would prove they were stonemasons. These secrets were learned behind closed doors and specific “rituals” would also tell other stonemasons the skill level of the individual. Like nowdays were we have apprentice and journeyman electricians, plumbers, and the like.

      they required guild members to have some basic spiritual beliefs such as a belief in a supreme being and life after death.

      now days freemasons rather than building cathedrials, build temples in the hearts of men. they have motto’s like, take a good man and make him better.

      Masons are very into freedom of religion, all men are equal, good stuff.

  3. sandy Ledesma Says:

    I couldn’t access the link

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