A word from our sponsers

Reiki –

In addition to being some guy named Harry … I am now a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. I do “distance” Reiki and plan to set up a website this summer. Let me know if you need some good vibrations. I’ll do another post about Reiki but thought I’d give you all a chance to comment and ask questions first. It’s better if a writer knows his audience. We’ll talk later.


2 Responses to “A word from our sponsers”

  1. Dan Says:

    Harry, they always say no the first time. I believe it’s the system. they force you to involve an attorney. the attorney says what you say, but that makes it official. they then get a maximum of $3000. of anything you get. they pay you from when you first apply or claim disability, then they make you apply 3 times, then get an attorney. by that time you have enough “back pay” to pay for the attorney. ( am I the only one who see’s a plot here ? ) anyway, you will get retirement. just gotta follow the system procedures. 😎

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