Invoking the Blessing of Deity

Masons teach that no one should enter upon any important undertaking without first invoking the blessing of Deity. This was nothing new for me, I’d been taught that as a child and I am on a first name basis with old man Deity. As retirement approached I and made arraignments for a sacrament my birth religion calls “The Laying on of Hands.” A couple drops of consecrated Olive oil is used … which has symbolic and emblematic significance. This is a much more formal approach my usual mighty prayer while flying down the Interstate with the radio blasting away.

The Laying on of Hands will be happening in the near future. The following is an email I sent to the lumberjack friend of mine who is gonna lay hands on me.

Hey Harold

I feel “moved” to tell you from my perspective, what us two getting together with the olive oil is all about. Usually this kind of thing is to ask for a healing, blessing, guidance, or a bestowal of some kind.

I have never felt more whole in my life, I do not need a healing.

I have never felt more blessed in my life, I see more than ever, the blessings that have been coming my way all along. I am thankful, grateful, and the blessings just keep coming.

I have never felt more directed in my life. My guiding force has been there all along, I have chosen time and time again to look inside and listen to that guidance when the world we live in was giving me all kinds of misguided advice. I have direction and am aware of the path ahead.

Bestowal … I was going to say I am in no need of a bestowal … and I am not in need of one. That being said … the bestowal issue is more complex. Gate keepers come to mind again. Only this time it’s not the gates to the abundant kingdom of retirement. Maybe the bestowal issue needs the blessing of wholeness and guidance from within.

But mostly, I was looking at the next phase of this life. My patriarchal blessing comes to mind, not the content so much, but the fact that it was at another time when my life situation was changing. I was out on my own for the first time and dealing with decisions and issues I’d never had to deal with before. Career, finances, relationships, and they were all tangled up together in ways I didn’t foresee for some reason.

Looking back over this I am sending mixed messages. I guess that’s because while I do feel really pumped about where I am and where I’m headed, not everything is totally clear and I want to go to, acknowledge, praise, and thank, my guiding force in a specific, significant, and powerful way.

Hope this email clears up……. hmm … maybe that’s what I need … clarity.

No hurry … it’ll happen … time and space are just an illusion. Don’t forget the constipated olive oil … extra virgin would be a nice touch.



One Response to “Invoking the Blessing of Deity”

  1. Michele Torrey Says:

    Blessings to you and Harold as the two of you share a sacred moment. I do know how you feel, as I often feel the same — like I’m standing at the edge of a precipice, brushing off my damp, under-used wings, preparing to fly. God and the Universe are waiting for you, Harry. Tell Harold and Linda “hello,” and that we miss them. xoxo

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