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King of the Ward – The Book

August 26, 2011

You read them here first folks. King of the Ward and Another First Night along with some new pieces will soon be available on Amazon.Com. There will be traditional books, Ebooks, and maybe Audiobooks. Here’s a description.

Kind of the Ward is a collection of short stories taking place when the author (that would be me) was a patient in the Shriners Hospital For Children in the 1950’s and 60’s, an experience which few can claim firsthand knowledge. A while back I shared the title chapter with a fellow writer who was expecting a chronological account of a childhood battle with medical conditions and procedures. His first comment was. “You were just kids being kids”! Exactly right. We didn’t all come in to the world with the standard ten fingers and toes, and some of us had orthopedic conditions from polio, spina bifida, burn cases too. But we were kids, not victims. During that time patients would have an average three or four month stay for each surgery so we had plenty of time to be kids. As it turns out, kids will be kids.