Abuse Excuse

It’s ok, I’m a bully

It’s ok, I am big and you can’t stop me
It’s ok, I’m wearing glasses and you can’t hit me
It’s ok, I am old
It’s ok, I am a child

It’s ok, you made me do it

It’s ok, you made a mistake
It’s ok, you broke a rule
It’s ok, you are wrong
It’s ok, I disagree

It’s ok, my life is hard

It’s ok, I am tired
It’s ok, I am in pain
It’s ok, I have issues
It’s ok, I have history

It’s ok … I’m ok and you are not


6 Responses to “Abuse Excuse”

  1. Marie Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

  2. Carl Gann Says:

    Your experience makes it all valid and sharp.

  3. Browning Says:

    😉 I get u

  4. Kathy Sharp Says:

    Thanks, Harry.

  5. Gloria D Says:

    Gloria says:
    For every aged person words to hear from a master, in April’s Cruiser.

  6. Marcia Hyer Says:

    sounds like you have been through a lot in your life.

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