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So What Do I Know

March 27, 2012

I titled a recent Epistle “Knowing”. It talked about how knowing doesn’t mean anyone will listen or that even if they listen that you are understood. But at least you know. So what do I know? What has my life journey shown me that others don’t seem to get?

I attended my first Medicine Wheel workshop last night. In the center of the Wheel is a rock. It represents God by whatever name you call him, and however you understand him. But depending on your journey to the wheel you will be looking at God from a different angle. Now rocks never being a perfect sphere, your viewpoint of the rock is different depending on which direction you came from. Your journey to the Wheel determines your viewpoint. All our journeys are a least a little different.

The handicapped disability thing has been a part of my journey since the day I was born. I see the wheel differently because of that. So what has my journey taught me that many others don’t seem to get? We give up too easy.

If we can’t do it the way we used to, or the way it’s usually done, or the way most people do it, or it seems too hard, we are too quick to assume it’s not an option. I hear people tell me about things that aren’t an option for them who strongly believe what they are saying. They guarantee these things will never happen for them. They quit.

So I hired someone to dig a ditch for me. Things went well for three-quarters of the length of the ditch. The ground became harder. He struggled with it for a while then said, it’s too hard, this isn’t going to work. I wasn’t convinced so I said, “Let me try”. My legs were in the house leaning up against the bedroom wall at the time, so I dropped outa the wheelchair and crawled to the ditch. He handed me the shovel. It was hard. But I tried a few different angles and it began to work. The dirt was still hard but I made the ditch a little wider and deeper so it was easier to work with. I went about four feet, handed the shovel back and said, “I think you can finish it now”. I crawled back to the wheelchair. It got finished. We didn’t quit.

I’m not Superman, Jesus, or even Gandhi, that’s not the point here. Also, this person is not a quitter. He has achieved lofty goals in his life and continues to do so. So just what is the point?

If you decide you can’t do something … it ain’t gonna happen. On the other hand, once you decide you can do something … you’ll find a way.


The Zone

March 17, 2012

They pull me out
How do I stop them

They pull me out
Why do I let them

They pull me out
What does it matter

They pull me less