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Introducing Tucker Kluckner

May 20, 2012

I’m a traveling man and I’m on the run. My traveling name is Tucker Kluckner. Most men on the run are fugitives from the law or some kind of secret agent who knows too much. What’s my crime? What’s my secret? I was healed, made whole, there was a miracle. Shortly thereafter there were several accidents that should have killed me but didn’t. Then attempts were made on my life. I suspect there are economics interests that feel threatened by free medical cures. I decided to go underground, something I had no idea how to do. I considered checking to see if there was a book called “Going Underground for Dummies”. Instead I decided to wing it till the dust settled a bit.

There’s more. I figured I’d sneak home and grab a few things for the trip, my laptop, a Ham Radio, and a little cash for instance. So I’m out in my shop in the middle of the night when I hear a shotgun cock. It wasn’t the sound of a twelve gauge pump throwing a shell into the chamber, just the hammer being pulled back on a 16 gauge single shot. But still scary enough so I almost emptied my lower intestine. Nothing happened so I slowly turned around and there in the moon light I was looking at … myself.

Our birth name was Harry Lee Howell Jr. We both had this bewildered look on our face. Finally I carefully lowered the hammer, set the gun down and told myself to pull up a chair. That is to say … the guy in the cot with the wheelchair close by told … uh … me. We sat up all night talking.

We decided to use the Epistles to get the story out. More to come.