The Jesus Story

Who was Jesus? What’s his story?

When I was about four years old, and miles away from family and friends, in a strange scary place … I woke up in the middle of the night and there were monsters under the bed. I wanted to scream but my parents or grandparents would not hear me and I knew my terror would only get worse when a stranger showed up. Strangers were to be avoided. This place was full of strangers. Besides, screaming would wake up the monsters under the bed.

This was a major event in my own story because at that point I silently screamed out to Jesus and there he was. Together we worked it out. The monsters left and were replaced with some really tough animal friends, lions, wolves and bears … no tigers.

Back then I knew the Jesus story. He was born of a virgin. I wasn’t exactly sure what that was and whenever I asked a grownup they would talk about innocence then change the subject. Finally an older kid filled me in. Then the song Away In A Manger told about his birth and no room at the Inn. Unlike me, during the monsters under the bed episode, his mom and dad were with him and he didn’t have congentil birth defects. Not much else to the story till he was about thirty years old when he began preaching, healing the sick, and performing other miracles. He was the son of God. Maybe three years later they hung him on a cross … he died for our sins.  I guess I needed him to do that for me too.  I’ve seen a few willow switches in my time.

There, the Jesus story in one paragraph. I left a lot out, like what they say he said in his sermons. It seems to me like he preached a lot about love, acceptance, peace, and harmony. But people can get into really heated arguments about who he was and why he was here, who he accepts and doesn’t accept. For me the most important part of his story is still, all the times his story intersects my story. He has been, and continues to be, a good friend. Many times together over the years we have tackled problems much bigger than monsters under the bed. We’re working together on a thing or two right now.

I have another friend with a bible name, but he was born a few decades ago and is still alive. As a young man with a family he moved here from another state. He has a short elevator  speech he can give between floors describing a normal, conventional backstory. We have become close friends and his actual story is a little different than the elevator speech. Nothing serious but enough to raise the eyebrows of some judgemental types. In extreme cases it could end a friendship. But my friend and I understand friendship, and our friendship will never be at risk.

So, as society discovers scrolls and such, we gain new insights into the life and times of my friend Jesus. Its pretty natural for folks to speculate about possible additions or even contradictions to the traditional Jesus story. Throw in the Internet factor and almost overnight any hairbrained theory can become the facebook fantasy of the day

According to some, Jesus had a wife, kids, and his descendants live among us today. Some say he never died on the cross, or ascended to heaven but went into hiding, living to be an old man. I have read that his miraculous healings were maybe at least partially because of his training in ancient mystical healing arts like Reiki. I hear Jesus channels to us in modern times through A Course In Miracles (ACIM.)  Just today I was reading that Jesus was a freemason. Do I believe these things?  Is there more to the Jesus story than the one paragraph elevator speech?

These potential Jesus story additions are seen as blasphemous contradictions and enrage a lot of people. For me, some of these things would really be cool, but I don’t think it matters.  We haven’t given up on each other. He’s my friend.

I think that’s how it is supposed to work with friends.


7 Responses to “The Jesus Story”

  1. lauracyr Says:

    .Great story. Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 18:52:38 +0000 To:

  2. Carl Gann Says:

    Harry, my friend, you got it right again. If you and Jesus are friends then it likely won’t get any better.

  3. Bob Griffith Says:

    Very insightful Harry as always, thanks for taking the time to put it to pen.

  4. Matt Whelden Says:

    u have a great friend.

  5. John Nichols Says:

    Harry, your thoughts run deep and you seem to have a knack for finding the miraculous in the mundane. keep plugging away.

  6. Deb Johnson Says:

    Why not tigers? Couldn’t help but notice that omission. Thoughtful pause to consider, especially in comparison with human behavior. Thank you for this gift!

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